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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Its the Post maaan!

Gosh! Its been over 12 months since I posted anything.

How time flies!

Since the last post what has happened?

1. I changed roles at the place I work. I have been an ICT Project Officer for almost 12 months, working on the W7 upgrade path.

2. We have sold the old house and moved into a new build, closer to my place of work. Infact its slap bang in the middle of mine and Kate's places of work. - About 4 mins drive in the car or 30 mins walk. I'm getting a bike I think.

3. Because of the sale of the house, we no longer have a conservatory. This is the biggest kicker of the move. Down an extra room. Oh well. Onwards and upwards. Maybe we will have another one built on the new house in the future?

4. We have changed cars too. Out with the old Kia Picanto, in with a Renault Captur.

Thats' about it I think. :)

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