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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A box for some pirates

My latest creation ....

Piratebox, the free and anonymous sharing server.

ta da...

There are loads of links on the web for this sort of device and it caught my eye a while ago. A quick search on flea-bay sourced all the equipment needed (Except for the housing, which I had from the early 2000s) - Thought I would give it a go and the end result is exceptional!


This guy created the original pirate box software base on Hackable network routers based linux OS.

Here is my effort.

Small TP-Link WR703N usb router (Blue), 64GB lexar USB memory stick, micro usb power cable (Black) - I also have a DIY battery pack assembled for mobile use, but for now its static and staying in one place.

As you can see I made the housing for it (its not the best made in the world but I dont care :[] )

So what does the enclosure look like from the outside?

A fitting enclosure me thinks?

Would you know that a book on the bookshelf hides an anonymous wireless network?

ha ha

Wonder where I could deposit it now?

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