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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Speed Freak

Just upgraded my Sky unlimited broadband to Fibre unlimited. 40Mbps for £12.50 extra! woo hoo streaming tv and HD online vids here I come!


EPIC FAIL on skys part! - It appears that over 3000 people have failed to receive their routers for the fibre upgrade. ME INCLUDED!

When I spoke to Sky they informed me that they knew there was a problem with the routers and that they would be received within 5 days of the service going live!

So ... 5 days (possibly) without internet connection! - Where are we, the Victorian times?

No indication from Sky that there is/was a problem. They sent me a text confirming the engineer visit, but no text to say there would be a delay in the router shipment. GGGRRR - 1 little text and I would have re-arranged the engineer visit for another time.

(If you do re-arrange the engineer visit, you have to wait another 14 days!)

Because I have had the day off work, I did not want to cancel, and anyhoo, I recon there is a way round this - Sky recon that the original router will not work with the BTOpenreach service - I'm not so convinced - Hack Hack Hack .... and see what we get Back!

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