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Monday, 21 May 2012

Phone Fiasco

So the LG phone still did not work. A fully charged battery lasted me about 8 hours on standby - A long way from the 350Hrs (Max) that has been quoted around the net.

Rang Orange customer services - "Sorry sir, the phone is more than 6 months old" - Orange wash their hands of it

Rang LG customer services - "Try a new battery"

Interestingly, the phone was sent away with a PCB locked to Orange installed with Froyo (2.2). It seems to have come back with a PCB that is unlocked to any network installed with Gingerbread (2.35) - Thanks LG, the only good thing from this phone is that it is now worth more 'trade-in' because its unlocked and officially upgraded!

Fed up with LG, android and 3D phones so I have traded it in at CEX and got an iPhone 3Gs. - I know its not cutting edge like the LG Optimus 3D, but sometimes cutting edge is just not worth the hasstle. I never really used the 3D because the battery died after about 1 hour of snaps or video.

Its a very battered iPhone, but there are ways to make it look better - The fact that it works as a phone should work and the battery last ages is all I am now worried about.

Maybe I am growing up???

NAH! - Never happen! ROFL.

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