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Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Novel Graphic?

So I have just treated my system to a much needed upgrade of the Graphic kind. A shiny new Nvidia GTX 460 SE. (I know its not got all the cores of a GTX 460, but the lack of 48 extra cores is no skin off my nose! and it was cheap!)

I've had a WTF moment though! :(

Windows 7 Experience index has shot up so much for Aero now!
(I know that WEI is crap at performance stats but bear with me)

This was my original Video card. Nvidia GT 240 1GB DDR3 (96 Cuda Cores) Stock speeds

This is the new Nvidia GTX 460 SE. 1GB DDR 5 (288 Cuda Cores) Stock speeds.

After all that, the rotten HD is still slowing things down. It's a Hitachi 1TB jobby too. Sheesh.

Roll on pay day - SSD boot drive I think is in order!

I should point out that my PC is spec'd thusly;

AMD X4 640 3Ghz (4 true cores)
ASUS M4N68T V2 mainboard (Stock speed/voltage)
8GB DDR3 1033mhz Ram
1TB Sata Hitachi Boot Drive
Nvidia GTX 460 SE 1GB DDR5
ThermalTake M9 gaming case
8 billion in 1 (Or something like that) card reader
Dell 20" TFT screen
Logitech G15 gaming keyboard (I have CPU and Ram usage on my little amber screen!)
Logitech MX518 gaming mouse
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
Dell 2.1 speakers

So its no slouchy system! Even without overclocking!

Regardless of what WEI states about the HD being pants, all the games and Nvidia demos I have thrown at this thing dont seem to make a dent! :)

Guess there are still some things MS can't get right.

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