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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chicken Licken ... The sky is falling in!

Watched some of FX's Falling Skies.

I like Noah Wyle, but as Sherby57 pointed out on twitter, the beginning was a bit boring!

First episode ... Bit slow in getting going
Episode 3 ... Bit better
Episode 4 ... getting there slowly

It's like Jehrico with Aliens!

The Dark Horse Comic that has been produced to accompany the series looks much better;

Have to wait and see if there is a major climax to season 1, of if its cancelled mid season!

Fingers crossed we get to the end of season 1 at least.

Any hoo ... Warehouse 13, haven and Eureka all start again this month (July) so my Sci-Fi thirst will be quenched by the channel known as SyFy!

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